Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you are an author or a publisher who is looking for reviewers, here are the the information about what book genres I review, what is my preferable format, the duration of my review, my rating, and my book photography.

This 2019 year, I aim to be more organised and consistent with my book reviews since I managed to sort out almost everything in my life already. Plus I will read more classic books and books by the indie authors or self-published authors.

I read and review almost all books be it fiction and non-fiction, well of course there are exceptions:

  • Mythological books
  • Religious/Spiritual books
  • Cooking books
  • Academic books

If you are still not sure whether your book is under my category to read and review, you can email me at narcissamarissa@gmail.com . Please make sure you email me the following:

  • book cover (for my book photography)
  • book blurb because I want to know what is the book all about. If I don’t like the blurb, I won’t take the risk. Please don’t give me the misleading blurb. No readers will like that.

If I approved, you may send me the review copy.

My preferable review copy is paperback because it looks nicer for the book photography (after all that’s what bookstagram is all about). However, considering how costly the shipping price to my country, I am willing to receive books in PDF format and epub format too.

Please allow me to read and review up to 5 weeks (the longest) because I am someone who has a full time job and an online learner at the same time. Despite my hectic life, reading is my devotion and I always work hard to find time to read.

I don’t show off my rating on my blog but if you are that curious to know my rating, you might want to check my goodreads account. I usually included my goodreads link to every of my book review post.

Please be aware that at the moment, I am unable to leave a review on Amazon because I haven’t spend more than $50 there. I can only leave a review on my blog(obviously), Goodreads, Kobo, and Thomas Nelson website.

Feel free to email me should you have more inquiries.