Xulon Press | 2016 | Paperback | 41 Pages

When life tripped you down, would you rise like a persistent wrestler or you give up because the pain has overshadowed your will to fight? It’s easy to answer this question when you haven’t faced a problem where there is nothing you can do about it except by Divine intervention.

This is a testimonial book about the author himself who suffered and who is the survivor of nasal pharynx cancer. It is an amazing read on how in his lowest moments, instead of letting the dilemma and depression to take control of him, the author chose to send forth Judah (praise) to God.

My takeaway from this book is that your character is best revealed when you are at your lowest or worst moments. I am impressed by how humble the author is in giving credit to the individuals who reminded him about God when he didn’t know what to do to change his diagnosis. One of those individuals was a nurse who asked the author whether he is a preacher or not. The author replied yes to her question. The nurse then ended her conversation with the author by saying, “Then why don’t you try some of that stuff you preach?

My favourite quote of this book is, “Circumstances charged me, my decision challenged me, and my God changed me.”

I recommend this book to all who suffer cancer, in depression (like me), and to those who need assurance that the Lord still does miracles to those who diligently seek him.

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