Dear Diary,


toxic people? Is there such a thing? Honey, this type of people do exist in our family, school, work, etc…They are everywhere; they’re omnipresent but thankfully not connected to each other. Phew!

We can’t avoid them but we can stop their continuance existence and function from our lives.

Like in every other family, my family is no exception from these toxic people. I believe you must be familiar with the idea of being compared to your eldest or younger sister or brother, your friends, or to anyone you know. At first, while I was young, this comparison didn’t bother me much because who cares? All I wanted was to play play play with friends.

Unfortunately, this comparison took its’ toll on me. Things got worse with negative statements that I received i.e “you are so stupid”, “you have a dark complexion (I’m tan)”, “why can’t you be like that person?” etc you get the idea.

This negative gradually deformed me: low self-esteem, lack of confidence, became people pleaser and thinking that by following what the majority of people are doing means I’m doing the right thing. Little that I know that this will suffocate me from living my life to the fullest.

To break free from this cocoon of deformation have taken a long time, a great mental strength, and emotional strength for me. I am grateful I’m finally freed and liberated.

From the books that I have read: the Harry Potter series, autobiographies, and biographies; I slowly learnt that people become successful and prominent, is all because they do things differently, and they don’t need everyone’s approval save to those who advise them to their benefit(s).

I also have learnt this from the well-known yet inspirational Youtubers like nigahiga, Superwoman, and lilylikecom: do what you love without other’s approval, and stick with it will eventually separate you from the majority. In fact, from the rat race like these Youtubers that I have mentioned antecedently.

To conclude this, filter every person in your life. If any of them don’t bring out the best in you and makes you feel insecure, feel free to remove them out of your life.

Be bold and be brave to do what you gotta do to grow; read good books, talk positive things, and listen to positive things are the supplements you will need to promote the best version of yourself.

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