Self-published | 2016 Copyright | e-book | 241 pages

This novel is the first of five novels in ‘The Devils Curse’ series.

Lucy the daughter of Lucifer in the hell realm, is the typical rebellious teenager who finds being a mortal is fascinating: smelling flowers, being in love, being friends with people who have heartbeats unlike the immortals in her realm, and to see the sun.

I believe many teenagers and youth will be able to relate with Lucy in many areas especially the fact where the more something is prohibited or forbidden, the more most of us (teenagers and youth) will find it to be inviting and interesting.

After celebrating her 16th birthday, Lucy has a dilemma to make a decision that will affect her immortal life, whether :

  • to jump realm to be a mortal and to marry Asmodeus, the Prince of Demons whom Lucifer selected him to be Lucy’s future husband?; or
  • to give up her dream and be immortal with her best friend, Samael whom she loves so much?

I was engrossed with this book as the author craftily weaving her tale to the point where nothing else seems to matter but to know what happens next as the story unfolds.

This story is compelling that it had me on the edge of my seat.

This book is a page-turner to the extent that this 241-page novel is too short for a promising tale as this. No worries, the number of pages still do justice to me. It just that I can’t believe I have finished reading this in one sitting.

Die-hard fantasy readers who are open-minded will find this book to be a thrilling read; if you are not open-minded and unable to appreciate fantasy fiction genre, then you will find this to be offensive to you.

I would like to thank the author, Sarah A. Kenney for the free copy of this e-book in exchange for honest review. I look forward to read more works from this author as I would like to venture with Lucy in the earth realm.

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